Power Yoga

There isn't just one style of yoga. This popular form of mind-body exercise has many different varieties, each with its own discipline, focus, and goals.

Community Class

Sometimes teachers don't have the luxury of leading classes in spaces that have been intentionally designed for yoga. So that we have Community-based classes often take place in meeting rooms, classrooms and shared programming spaces.

Yoga and the Mind

The whole process of yoga is to transcend the limitations of the mind. As long as you are in the mind, you are ruled by the past, because mind is just an accumulation of the past. If you are looking at life only through the mind, then you will make your future just like the past, nothing more, nothing less.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy helps keep the body supple. They relieve tension around the cervix by opening up the pelvic region. This prepares to-be-mothers for labor and delivery.

Experience of Yoga

Balance Body & Mind

Healthy Daily Life

Improves your flexibility

Protects your spine

Betters your bone health

Increases your blood flow

Keep a practice journal

Builds muscle strength

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